Based in Providence, Rhode Island, PLANCHETTE is a collaborative project that features women in filmmaking, screenwriting, music, and costume design.  Founded in 2012 by A.V. Carraway, each year PLANCHETTE produces a short film.  These films, or EXTREME SLIDESHOWS, are accompanied by a live performance of the musical score. 

We are currently screening No Eyes With Which To Cry. Loosely based on The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson, it’s the story of a paranormal investigator who embarks on a transformative romantic relationship with the haunted house he has been tasked to research. For this project, we proudly collaborated with costumer Michael Dates and performer extraordinaire Gloria Gardenburger

PLANCHETTE also produces music videos with digital artist, L. Boggia.

Contact us at planchettesaysyes@gmail.com.

Limited edition poster by Anthony Astone availalbe in our store.