"[Disappearing by Doomsday Student] is Videobored’s favourite music video of the whole 2014, with song and visuals likewise soaked in love, dissonance and outrage. There’s no more to say (or translate)"

-CTRL Magazine

"Totally gross and weird and maybe just very slightly erotic. You will definitely never enjoy the US Open again."


"fucking isis should bomb these people"

-Brave Heart, ninja/tastemaker

"why weren't they in the twin towers"

-smikkelbeer, video artist/tastemaker

"These people are the biggest dumb ass ever this video is discussing"

-Omar Maytorena, art critic/tastemaker

"i hope anyone involed in this dies a slow pain full death"

-lonnie freeman, food critic/tastemaker

"What the fuck is wrong with you retarded n*****s"

-Ryley Lorenz, hacker/tastemaker

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